Easy tip on How to Get a Canada Work Permit and Work Visa

Easy Tip On How To Get A Canada Work Permit And Work Visa
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How to Get a Canada Work Permit and Work Visa

Are you searching or looking forward to obtaining a work permit and visa in Canada?

Canada is currently calling on many individuals from other countries to immigrate to Canada to contribute to the tremendous growth of the country.

Canadian work permits allow foreign nationals to legally work in Canada for a limited period of time while they wait for permanent residency.

The increase in population in Canada is due to the welcoming policies of the Government of Canada, which has provided various opportunities to immigrants and job seekers.

These policies have attracted people from all around the world including some parts of Asia and the Middle East, where unemployment rates are extremely high.

In order to lawfully work in Canada, you need to have what is called a Canadian Work Permit.


2 Types of Canadian work permits

  • An employer-specific work permit.
  • An open work permit.

These two documents aren’t the same as the Canada work visa, while you can apply for one of the two types of Canada work permits listed above, you have to be very careful with this procedure.

The types of Canadian work permit an immigrant may apply for depend largely on their status as an immigrant.

Some categories of immigrants do not need a work permit at all, while others are restricted to applying for one of the two types of work permits that are available.

Immigrants who come to Canada with the intent to work are often eligible for any of the two types of Canadian work permits that are available.

These include employment experience, job offer, language skills, qualifications, and other requirements.


Here’s How to Get a Canadian Work Permit

Canada Work Permit is granted to eligible foreign nationals to work in Canada for a fixed period of time.

Generally, these permits are granted when an application is filed with the Canadian government authorities, including the Department of Foreign Affairs.

However, people must get a job offer from a Canadian company or an employer before they apply for a Canadian work permit.

They also need to ensure that all the requirements that they have submitted while applying for the Work Visa are properly fulfilled.

Before processing your application, the consul will check if you meet the eligibility criteria and whether you are eligible to get a Canada work permit.


Want to know Who Can Get a Canada Work Permit?

The work permit is the one that is granted to the foreign national to work legally in Canada for a set period of time, called the “worker’s permit” or “trailer’s permit”. The worker’s permit can also be called the “business permit” or “promissory note”.

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There are many different reasons why a foreign national would need to apply for a work visa or a work permit in Canada.

The most common reason to apply for work permits in Canada is that a foreign national needs to obtain temporary residency to join his/her spouse and family in Canada.

If you are an international student or an international spouse who wishes to study in Canada, then a student visa or a visitor visa may be required for your stay in Canada.

Canada work permits are available for all categories of people in Canada regardless of their status in Canada.

Therefore, whether you are from Africa, South America, Asia, or Europe, you can apply for work permits in Canada.

However, there are several restrictions when it comes to Canadian work permits. For example, not all workers are eligible for Canada work permits – these include children who are below the age of 18 years, pregnant women who smoke.


How to easily apply for a Canadian Work Permit

Do you have your mindset on working in Canada? If yes, then chances are that you will have to apply for a Canadian employment visa.

If you have made an effort to come to Canada and take advantage of the many services that it offers – such as job employment and careers in Canada, or the automated job searches – then you may well find that applying for a Canadian work permit can be much easier than you might have thought.

These requirements are outlined very specifically in the Canada Immigration program, which you should also refer to when you are applying for your visa.

Once you have met all of the eligibility assessment requirements, then you would be given a work permit that allows you to work in Canada.

Apply here at the Canada Government’s immigration website.


Canada Work Visa

The Canadian immigration authorities grant permanent residence to many people from all over the world on the basis of a special type of visa known as the Canadian work visa.

Every year over 320,000 people are granted permanent residence permits to reside in Canada.

This is a tremendous opportunity for international workers looking to earn a better life financially. Under the new Canada Work Visa you can:

– Work in Canada under the first-mentioned employer that you have mentioned on your initial work visa application. Canadian employers prefer to hire foreign nationals because they are likely to have better working conditions and a shorter waiting period to get their permits processed.

– If you are offered a job offer in Canada, you need to complete all the paperwork for the labor market impact assessment (LMIA) as soon as possible. The Canadian government issues work permits to foreign workers on the basis of their immigration status in Canada and not on the basis of their former country of residence.

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Also, even if you’re from a non-permanent country that needs a visitor visa, you would need to apply for your Canada work Visa at the nearest visa office or you could apply online through the Canada Immigration website.

The procedure of applying for a Working Visa is very simple. Just follow the instructions provided by the Canadian government and you can get your Canada Work Visa in no time.

There is a list of those who can qualify for a Canada Work Visa.

When applying for the visa, you must complete and submit the entire application form along with the additional documents required by the Government of Canada.

You have to submit the documents that are required by the Consular officials and then the officers may also request you to take a personal medical examination and an interview just to ascertain your eligibility for the visa.

It’s important that you have all of the correct documents with you such as proof of residence, passport, employment proof, registration card.

To obtain a work permit, you will need to submit an application that contains the following information: you, your employer, your family members, and proof that you are employed.

You may be able to apply again to extend your stay if you meet the criteria once more.


Who Can Get a Canadian Work Visa?

You must be aware that a Work Visa is not accessible for everyone. Those who are qualified and who show that they are in-demand and employed workers in Canada will be able to get a Canadian Work Visa easily.

When you apply for a Canada Work Visa, you should also ensure that you are able to verify all your financial details and that you have a letter from a Canadian employer that states that you have been employed.

It is not sufficient to just submit an application form and hopes that you will get a Work Visa, If you want to work in Canada, you must prove that you are able to support yourself and your family.


Want to know how soon can you get a Canadian Work visa?

Here, we go, after submitting your application, you must wait for at least 1 week to 27 weeks to get your Canada Work Permit processed. The decision on your application can take a longer time; therefore, it is important that you submit all the required documents on time and in a timely manner. Once your application is approved, you will receive a Work permit that will allow you to work in Canada.

When you start working in Canada, you need to have a social insurance number.

However, if you plan to study in Canada, you must apply for an education visa. For individuals who plan to work in Canada, you may qualify for a work permit and study permit.

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Know the difference between a Canadian Work Permit and a Canadian Work Visa

In this article, I will clarify the difference between a Canadian work permit and a Canadian work visa.

First of all, let me explain what a Canadian work permit is. A Canadian work permit is a document that is used by an individual or company to show that they have been engaging in a business or given a job or business that would qualify them for immigration into Canada.

The permit is usually issued by the Canadian government or an agency of Canadian immigration.

This visa does not need to be renewed every year as a work permit does. Immigrants who want to stay in Canada must apply for a Canadian work visa before they can apply for a Canadian work permit.

Landing immigrant status applications must also be filed with the Canadian immigration authorities before they apply for a work permit.

Now that I explained what a Canadian work permit is and what a Canadian work visa is, you should understand the difference between a Canadian work visa and a Canadian work permit., both of them are needed to work in Canada, however, getting both depends on the fact that you are able to apply and secure a job in Canada.

If you would like to search and apply for your dream job in Canada, Please Click Here.

Finally, if you are not eligible for either a work permit or work visa, you may be able to apply for a temporary Canada work permit and Canada work visa. This can be done for up to a year and it allows you to live and work in Canada.



A quick recap, I have discussed what a Canadian work permit is, types of Canadian work permits, how to get a Canada work permit, who can get a Canadian work permit, and how to apply for a Canada work permit.

I also discussed a Canadian work visa, who can get a Canadian work visa, and how soon you can get a Canadian work visa, and also the difference between a Canadian work permit and a Canadian work visa.

In conclusion, you need to get a job in Canada before you submit an application for a Canada work visa. After you got approved for a work visa, you would need to apply for a work permit to start working in Canada.


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