Broda Shaggi said he started entertainment out of hunger

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Broda Shaggi has said that he started entertainment out of hunger. And he also revealed that when hunger hits you, you will discover your talent.

The actor and Nigerian comedian, Samuel Animashaun Perry, A. K.A. Broda Shaggy has revealed what informed his decision into comedy and finally, acting.

Broda Shaggi has revealed this fact during a private interview of an upcoming Nollywood movie, “Ponzi”.

According to him, he was not born with a silver spoon neither did he grew up in Lekki. In fact, poverty led him into entertainment.

He had left Ikenne his hometown as his dad passed away. And he moved quickly to Lagos.

It was in Makoko, Lagos that his aunt who took him in had lived. And she also cared and catered for him.

And also, helped him to further his schooling till university level.

In his words,

“I came from Ikenne in Ogun state. I left Ikene when my father died for Lagos where I lived with my aunt in the Makoko area. She was the one who took care of me till l left the university. So, I was neither born with a silver spoon nor grew up in Lekki. Everything started in Makoko.”

The entertainer first started his career via Instagram. He started making skits that were driven by hunger and poverty.

He further stated poverty made him discover an inborn talent.

He said,

“I started entertainment out of hunger. When poverty hits you, you’ll be the one to figure out your talent.”


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