Simi speaks about her daughter Ajare

20210221 1613052 - Simi speaks about her daughter Ajare

The talented artist and sensational singer who has proved her worth and emerged at the top have taken to her Twitter handle and revealed how she feels about her daughter.

She vowed that since she welcomed Ajare as her child, she has been pretty much vulnerable amidst her mindset over her.

20210221 161432 - Simi speaks about her daughter Ajare
She announced that the reason behind such is that she doesn’t want her to encounter any complications and those troubles are hard to control.

In her words, she wrote:

“Having a daughter has made me so vulnerable. I want her to never be hurt, sad, insecure, in pain, confused or afraid. The fact I won’t always be able to control these things has made me the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my life.”


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